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Design & Production

Muse & Delphia offers design and planning expertise for your wedding, and art direction for your engagement photos, bridal photos, or boudoir photos. 
Since each couple is different, the process of planning your wedding will be completely on your terms. Our role in your day is to creatively strategize concepts based on your desires, interests or vision and carry those ideas out logistically. At the end of the day, it is our goal to make you amazed with how beautifully your ideas can be executed, sans the extra stress.


Our packages pay homage to our film production & design background. 

* Production Designer The person on a film who works closely with the director to create and carry out the design and look of everything you see in a movie, and ensure that everything ties together to work towards the overall theme and meaning. (That's what I have a degree for!)

* Art Direction The act of being on a set or location and constantly and carefully eyeing the aesthetic elements to make sure they look perfect.

* The Abby Singer The term for the second to last shot of the day on a film set. 

* The Martini The final shot of the day on a film set.


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